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Marriage is a union of two individuals and a merging of their lives and assets. While it may seem counterintuitive, considering the possibility of separation or divorce before marriage can provide both parties clarity, peace of mind, and protection. Similar agreements apply in a pending separation or divorce when couples must determine marital property and debt division.

Thus, several types of marital agreements may be entered into by couples, depending on their marital status, situation, and needs. These agreements must be created according to legal standards to ensure their validity and future enforceability in court. At Ruth Robinson Law, we can help you negotiate and develop agreements that are right for your situation and protect your property and financial future. 

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The General Concept of Marital Agreements

Marital agreements are legally binding contracts between two parties planning to get married, are already married, or who wish to separate or divorce. These agreements outline how assets and debts will be divided in a potential or pending divorce or separation or in the case of a spouse’s death. They can also address other important financial issues like spousal support and inheritance rights. 

Marital agreements protect both parties' interests and ensure fairness in critical financial matters. They allow couples to decide how to divide their assets in writing and avoid lengthy and expensive court battles.

Marital Settlement Agreements

A marital settlement agreement in Alabama is a contract that allows a married couple to set forth the terms of their divorce in writing. It's also known as a divorce settlement or property settlement agreement, a written contract dividing your property, spelling out your rights, and settling problems such as alimony, debts, retirement investments, and child support

It sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between the spouse relating to the dissolution of their marriage or legal separation. 

You and your spouse can negotiate a settlement agreement on your own with the help of our skilled divorce attorney or through mediation. Once all terms have been agreed upon, it can be sent to the judge for final approval. This allows you to retain control over its terms instead of having a judge decide these critical matters. 

When you agree to specific terms in your divorce settlement, you are legally required to abide by those terms. The agreement becomes part of your final divorce decree and is enforceable by the court. 

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are entered into before getting married. Postnuptial agreements are similar, except that they are created after marriage.

These agreements outline how assets, debts, inheritance rights, spousal support, and other financial matters will be handled should the marriage end in divorce or death. Unlike marital separation agreements, they cannot address child custody. 

These agreements are legally binding in Alabama as long as they meet specific requirements: they must be in writing, signed by both parties, notarized, and filed with the court. Both parties must also provide full disclosure of their assets and debts. Failure to do so may render the agreement invalid.

Agreements Related to Common Law Marriages

Common law marriages that occurred before 2017 are recognized in Alabama, meaning that couples who lived together could be considered “married” without having gone through a formal ceremony or having secured an Alabama marriage license. 

For these couples, marital agreements can help clarify their property rights and avoid disputes in case of separation or death. Common law marital agreements in Alabama are subject to the same requirements as other marital agreements – they must be in writing, properly executed, and filed with the court. 

However, Alabama abolished these marriages in 2017.

Why You Need a Marital Agreement Attorney in Birmingham

While marital agreements can provide protection and peace of mind, they are also complex legal documents that require careful consideration and execution. 

Thus, it is crucial to have a family law attorney to help you understand the implications of entering into a marital agreement and ensure its validity and enforceability. 

At Ruth Robinson Law, we can help ensure that all requirements are met and that both parties' interests are protected. Furthermore, if the agreement is not properly executed or does not meet the legal requirements, it may be deemed invalid by the court. This can result in a costly and lengthy legal battle, defeating the purpose of having a marital agreement in the first place.

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